Alec Soth: Sleeping by the Mississippi

Sleeping by the Mississippi is the first photographic series by the renowned US photographer, Alec Soth. From 1999 to 2002 Soth took several road trips along the Mississippi River, the results of which make up this project. The series was first published in 2004, becoming one of the most important photobooks of the era, and selling out through three editions.


The book was re-published in 2017, with its original design, coinciding with the first exhibition in the UK of Sleeping by the Mississippi at Huxley-Parlour Gallery. Presented in a series the book follows the meandering path along the river from Soth's home state of Minnesota down the Mississippi Delta at the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way Soth captures a diverse mix of people, landscapes and places with a quietly melancholic feel.

Alec Soth, Sleeping by the Mississippi, MACK Books, 2017.

Soth's project follows the tradition of his documentary predecessors with its quintessentially American spirit of wanderlust. The photographs poetically engage with issues of identity, religion, music and politics. In this timely re-printing of the book Soth's photographs take on a greater urgency and nuance, where hope, fear and regret coalesce along this evocative journey.

Alec Soth, Sleeping by the Mississippi, MACK Books, 2017.

Alec Soth, Sleeping by the Mississippi is available to purchase here.



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